The Lost (and rare) films of Lon Chaney

Some months ago I put together some ads and stills from some lost Jack Pickford films thanks to the wonders of the Media History Digital Library, and got some very nice comments from those of you mad enough to follow the blog.  Bearing that in mind, this entry makes a start on looking at the lost and lesser-known films of Lon Chaney in much the same way, along with some publicity shots that I haven’t seen elsewhere.  Enjoy. (and yes, I’m sure there will be a part two at some point).

Publicity Picture:

chaney 1929 photoplay

The Kaiser (1918)

Although Chaney doesn’t appear in the picture, I have included the article as the film is directed, produced, written by and starring Rupert Julian, pairing he and Chaney together seven years before Phantom of the Opera.

lon chaney mpw march 23 1918 1690

While Paris Sleeps (1923)

Film Daily magazine were seemingly obsessed with this movie, with these four pictures all appearing on front covers during early 1923.

lon chaney film daily jan 31 front page

lon chaney film daily front page

lon chaney film daily front page 3

lon chaney film daily front page 2

All The Brothers Were Valient (1923)

Staying with Film Daily, here is a review of the above lost film.  Sorry for the feintness of the print in places.

lon chaney 1

Unknown (1922)

No, not the film featuring Chaney as an armless knife-thrower, but simply an unknown shot.  It’s from Movie Weekly in March 1922, but if anyone knows the story behind it, please help us out.

lon chaney movie weekly 25 march 1922 p21

Riddle Gawne (1918)

Riddle Gawne survives in fragment form, and sees Chaney paired for the only time with William S Hart.

lon chaney riddle gawne

The Grand Passion (1918)

Another Chaney film from 1918, although I’m not sure whether Chaney is in this pic or not – my guess is not, but interesting to have a still from another lost Chaney film nonetheless.

lon chaney mpw jan 12 1918, p 241

The Big City (1928)

One of the most regrettable of the lost Chaney/Browning collaborations.  This is Photoplay’s take on the film.

lon chaney photoplay big city

lon chaney photoplay feb 1928 p 6

The Miracle Man (1919)

Another legendary mostly-lost film.

lon chaney photoplay jan 1928 120

Alas and Alack (1913)

The following are screengrabs from the surviving fragment of this early Chaney short in which he plays both a fisherman…and a hunchback.

ALAS AND ALACK.avi_snapshot_06.05_[2013.02.20_20.21.04] ALAS AND ALACK.avi_snapshot_10.59_[2013.02.20_20.19.58] ALAS AND ALACK.avi_snapshot_11.06_[2013.02.20_20.20.11] ALAS AND ALACK.avi_snapshot_12.49_[2013.02.20_20.20.29] ALAS AND ALACK.avi_snapshot_12.57_[2012.07.23_16.57.31]


One comment on “The Lost (and rare) films of Lon Chaney

  1. J. Theakston says:

    Unknown (1922) is on the set of A BLIND BARGAIN.

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