Clara Bow: Lost Films and Early Years

This is a little post that collects a variety of materials together regarding the first few years of Clara Bow’s film career.  Here are reviews, pictures and advertisements from films that exist, films that are lost, and films that sit somewhere in the middle!  Enjoy.

We start with The Daring Years, a lost film from 1923.

the daring years august 9 1923 p 3 film daily

Moving on to Black Oxen, a film highly acclaimed and immensely popular on release, and which partly still exists today.

black oxen exhib herald dec 29 1923

black oxen feb 9 1924

Next up, is material relating to Poisoned Paradise (1924).  According to, the film is/was being preserved by UCLA.

clara bow poisoned paradise march 16 1924 exhib herald

pic jan 19 1924 p 27 exhib herald

clara bow poisoned paradise feb 2 1924 p 42

poisoned paradise film daily jan 27 1924 p3

Our next pieces are related to Maytime, a print of which was found in 2010.


maytime page 2

clara bow feb 16 1924, 35, exhib herald

Although from Picturegoer in 1925, the following article is placed here as the pictures etc are most related to the above films.

little clara bow march 25 picturegoer 58-9

Up next is a film that received somewhat mixed reviews, Grit, from 1924 – a lost film.

grit  feb 2 1924 p21 clara bow

Onto a film that does exist and is kicking around for people to hunt down should they want to, Capital Punishment (1925)

capital punishment film daily dec 23 1924 p8-9

Not only does The Ancient Mariner not exist, but we also seem to be devoid of stills from the film, and even posters.  A trawl through the web has dredged up the first three items below, followed by a review from Film Daily.

ancient 2

ancient 1

ancient mariner 3

ancient mariner film daily 1ancient mariner film daily 2

One final item is rather mysterious, and not something I have read about elsewhere.  The March 1926 edition of Photoplay tells us that Clara was filming It’s The Old Army Game, and yet it was Louise Brooks who finally took the role in the finished movie.  Perhaps someone out there can shed some light on this one!

clara old army game

All images are courtesy of the Media History Digital Library


One comment on “Clara Bow: Lost Films and Early Years

  1. Lovely post. 🙂 In case you haven’t already seen it, Maytime is now available to watch here on the NFPF website.

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